Tire Recycling

Customized and Productive Recycling and Recovery Process.

Thanks to our cutting-edge facilities, our plants recycle and recover large quantities of rubber of all kinds, quickly and effectively. Our goal: prevent tires from being directed to landfills, where they can take up to 600 years to decompose. Our plants use a customized grinder that was engineered specifically for our needs.

Thanks to this innovation, we can meet the growing needs of the industry, and position ourselves as leaders in tire recycling and recovery.

E360S Tire Plant

Our goal is to recover as much recyclable material we can and to recover this material, including the use of tire granules as alternative fuel for power generation. Here’s a brief presentation of the various steps of our process. First, our trucks collect used tires directly at tire centers, shops, mining operations and other partners. These tires are then shipped to our plant, where tires and other rubber material are grinded and shredded. Conveyors then direct the material to specific blocks, based on dimensions and end-user purpose. This process allows us to achieve an outstanding daily production and to treat tons of material every day.

Used Tire Collection and Transportation

E360S’ truck fleet: your peace of mind, our pride

E360S collects and transports used tires with our own truck and trailer fleet, to better serve our partnering customers. Our fleet allows us to offer a quick and timely tire collection service that suits your needs and the number of tires you wish to get rid of.

A well-maintained fleet

We take pride in our truck fleet. E360S meticulously ensures our trucks are regularly inspected and maintained in our own service shop. It’s our way to ensure we can provide you with quick and reliable service while keeping our roads safe.

Full-service environmental compliance “PRO”

E360S also offers a full-service Producer Responsibility Organization, “PRO” through our subsidiary YESS.

YESS is a niche full-service Producer Responsibility Organization, “PRO”.  YESS will help you navigate the current tire regulations when it comes to meeting your company’s compliance levels based on historical data that RPRA releases to you each year. YESS then is contracted to collect and process scrap tires in Ontario to meet our Customers targets by tire type and weight.

YESS will provide you with the services your company needs to meet its environmental compliance requirements. YESS encompasses collection/hauling, processing and reporting, enabling you to focus on what you do best. In fact, our overall assessment of your organization will provide you with a comprehensive quotation based on service and efficiency.

With years of experience around regulations and compliance, YESS knows how important the new framework of the compliance regulation process can be for your company. YESS takes away the stress by assessing your individual needs and requirements, then offering you an efficient and effective solution. YESS takes care of reporting, offers management of a full circular economy producer program and helps you meet all your individual producer responsibility requirements.