Special Waste

We offer secure “cradle to grave” destruction for you medical and biohazard waste disposal requirements. We also offer a full line up of medical/sharps containers.

Spills vary in size and scope. We are experienced in finding the right approach and determining the best path for remediation of spills.

Whether you have liquids, sewage, fuel, pesticides, etc., we can provide the appropriate service to remove and transport your waste to dispose at our facilities.

Our fleet of hydrovac trucks is the perfect solution to your problem. Whether it be sewage hauling or chemical transferring to septic tank maintenance, make us your first choice.

With our ground dewatering services, we can aid you in lowering water levels and surface water from your site. Liquids and solids will be separated and properly disposed of after we carry it out for you.

The cleaner and drier the oil, the longer your machines will last. Once your oil is processed, your oil is certified by an independent lab to ensure it meets your specification.

With our cleaning systems and services, we can provide a cost-effective and environmentally responsible mean to clean not only your fleets, but a variety of sewage.

Environmental 360 Solutions provides a comprehensive range of liquid and special waste services to a wide array of clients including industrial, commercial, and mining. E360S’s fleet includes wet/dry vac units, wet vac units, combo units, hydro excavating units, high-pressure flushing units, water blasting units, tanker units, roll-off hazardous waste bin trucks, emergency response vehicles & plumbing vans.

We provide 24/7 emergency spill response services for transportation or industrial incidents involving fuel spills, derailments, rollovers, tank overflows and ruptures.