Sewer & Line Flushing

Having assisted with sewer and water works, projects around lift stations, sewers, and septic tanks, we are trusted for our expertise in sewer flushing & cleaning.

Our trenchless sewer and pipe repairs service promises to perform and deliver a solution that will limit the disruptions to your surroundings.

We will first assess and detect issues by analyzing the water mains. If an issue is identified, we can ensure the leak is appropriately repaired with a permanent, enduring solution.


Clean, flush, and maintain sewer lines with ease. The line flushing services from E360S are known for their excellence. Every year, we are called upon to assist with water and sewer works, as well as projects around lift stations, sanitary sewers, interceptor pits, catch basins, septic tanks, and culverts. This is where our expertise can be used.

E360S helps to deliver high-pressure water streams through sewers and lines, where we flush out any caught debris. Once we catch the debris on the other end, it is collected for transportation and proper disposal.


If you suspect there is a blockage in a pipe system, a high-pressure water stream is your best bet at flushing it out. Other cleaning methods aren’t nearly as effective as clearing the sewer lines with a powerful stream of water.

By sending water through a jetting or flushing motion, it scours the inside of the pipe. This method provides an efficient and thorough cleaning of your sewer systems.

If you’ve confirmed a problem in your sewer line with a sewer camera inspection, the next step is getting any blockage flushed out. Sewer flushing and debris cleaning can help with this process, instantly resolving many blockage problems with the high-pressure water streams.


Sewer line cleaning is a necessary part of ongoing maintenance for a wide variety of businesses. From parking garages to restaurants, warehouse operations, and the management of commercial properties, each unique setting requires working sewer lines. The best way to ensure properly working sewer lines is through regular maintenance.

Consider sewer flushing and debris cleaning as an effective method of clog removal. Since sewer flushing can remove practically everything in its way, it clears away more than just a single clog, making it more reliable than alternative cleaning methods. That’s the beauty of a line flush, as all the debris is taken out with the water.

E360S uses a vacuum truck to remove and process the debris, leaving behind a sewer line system that is almost as clean as the day it was installed.

No risk of damage to your drain. No surprises. No hidden fees. For high-quality sewer flushing and debris cleaning, contact an E360S representative today.