Ground Dewatering


Dewatering describes the process of controlling groundwater, which is typically performed with the use of pumps. With our ground dewatering services, E360S can aid in lowering water levels through various mechanisms, such as sump pumping.

Dewatering is used to clear excess water from lift stations, sanitary sewers, interceptor pits, catch basins, septic tanks, and culverts. In many cases, ground dewatering is used on construction sites to remove or drain water from a riverbed, caisson, mine shaft, or elsewhere on-site.

Ground dewatering is an important part of our comprehensive dewatering services. E360S has the team and equipment required to handle the cleaning, flushing, and maintenance of subterranean water and sewer works.


Upon arrival, E360S will immediately get to work, removing groundwater and/or surface water from your site. Solids and liquids are separated, an important step for environments such as mines, where sediment ponds and water-level issues are common.

Using high-pressure water streams, we can clean storage tanks and underground sewer lines of accumulated debris and sediment. Once this is completed, our vacuum trucks can ensure proper disposal is carried out.

Another service that goes with ground dewatering is a camera inspection of underground pipe infrastructure. Through real-time video capture, we can ensure a cost-effective identification and analysis of all water main and sewer assets.


Conditions vary site-by-site. Dewatering is used frequently in utilities installations, sewer infrastructure projects, water treatment plants, and elsewhere.

On some construction sites, it is a necessity to have a high-quality ground dewatering system in place. An excess of groundwater makes it difficult to perform basic tasks, which can sometimes be downright dangerous.

With our meticulous ground dewatering work, excavators can dig trenches in a safe, efficient manner. Ground dewatering can also help with the excavations of pipelines, foundations, shoring, and cellars, among many other uses.

E360S offers a 360-degree approach to managing groundwater effectively. We have a turn-key plan on monitoring and maintaining safety on-site, starting with a ground dewatering system. Contact an E360S representative today to find out where we can help.