Underground Services


E360S provides a full range of underground services for industrial and commercial properties. Using our hydrovac equipment, we can assist with projects like sensitive subterranean excavation work, underground gas lines, or exposed electrical wires. Our hydro-excavation units can employ high-pressure water to slurry and remove columns of soil, clay, sand, and gravel, reaching depths up to or over 10 metres.

If you are frustrated with the performance of an underground line or electrical wire, or suspect there could be risk of damage, our team can assess, identify the issue, and provide a quote on the repair. Our trained, licensed, and highly experienced team can offer the underground services in the safest possible way.


Many electrical cable issues can be difficult to resolve. When the power lines are overhead, they are easy to access. When the service cables are underground, that is where you may face major complications. How can you access underground electrical cables and diagnose an issue without digging up the whole line? The team at E360S can help.

Our underground services team knows the ins and outs of working with electrical lines in safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible ways. We can help to install service lines on vacant land or repair any existing underground lines. If you are unsure about how to proceed with an electric underground line problem, contact us.


Malfunctioning sewer and water pipes are never good. Unfortunately, these problems can be somewhat common, leading to backed up water pipes and flooded properties. If you suspect there might be an issue with either a drain or sewer line, our underground services team can go in and identity the issue prior to a full deterioration.

Many clogged drains and blocked sewer lines can be successfully treated with trenchless underground pipe repair. There is no digging involved in this process, saving you time, labour, and costs. Trenchless underground pipe repair and maintenance is a specialty of ours. With years of experienced underground services in electrical and pipe repair, we will assess, identify, and fix any problem.

Don’t let an underground issue go undetected or unrepaired. For prompt service at your property, contact the experts and an E360S representative will be happy to speak with you.