Truck & Fleet Washing


For vehicle and fleet owners, getting your trucks and equipment washed can be time-consuming. E360S offers simple, low-cost fleet pressure washing that is dependable and guaranteed. Our high-quality services are readily accessible within your budget.

We clean large excavators, tractors, and other heavy equipment locally and in remote areas. Whether you operate your fleet in a commercial, industrial, or residential space, our adaptable team can work under many different conditions and environments.

The pressure washing can be completed in underground parkades, parking lots, driveways, warehouses, and on other surfaces. We can help to remove stains and clear debris from your vehicles. After our fleet pressure washing is completed, your heavy equipment will look its best when dispatched to their next location.


The benefits of fleet pressure washing include how quick and efficient these processes are. Pressure washing can clean large surface areas in very little time. When you save time, you also save on money and labour costs. This means your heavy equipment washing will be done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Fleet pressure washing has a positive environmental impact since it conserves energy and water. We also do not use environmentally harmful detergents in our cleaning services. Instead, we go for biodegradable products or no detergents at all.

For our truck and fleet washing, our services are detailed, reliable, and meticulous. We will ensure your vehicles are thoroughly washed, from the windows to the lights, flaps, wheel arches, and more. With our fleet pressure washing expertise, your customers will see your fleet at its best condition.


Fleet washing should be a part of the ongoing maintenance for every vehicle. Most heavy equipment will go through tremendous amounts of activity every single day. From front loaders moving dirt to semi-trucks crossing North America, these vehicles are being hit with all sorts of dirt, grime, and debris.

By frequently cleaning your industrial-grade heavy equipment, you help to remove the grease, oil, and common contaminants found on these vehicles. The cleaning process can remove blemishes, while clearing away any dirt affecting the gears, motors, and other components. Overall, fleet pressure cleaning is the most effective way to clean your heavy equipment vehicles, making them look like new again.

When a mess is unavoidable, fleet pressure washing will get rid of the dirt and grime on your vehicles. Contact an E360S representative today for high-quality, low-cost fleet washing.