Environmental 360 Solutions (E360S) has acquired Retire Your Tire

Huntsville, ON

Retire your tire logo

Environmental 360 Solutions Ltd. (E360S) is glad to announce it has acquired the assets of Retire Your Tire, based in Huntsville, Ontario.

Founded in 2013, Retire Your Tire is a full service service tire recycling company that strives for zero residual waste. Along with their Collector and Processor partners when the Ontario Tire Stewardship was active, Retire Your Tire contributed to the recycling and reuse of the 12 million tires sold annually in Ontario, and assisted in preventing them from accumulating in landfills, back roads, ditches or other areas where tires have been stock piled illegally. Retire Your Tire has always provided their services while making sure to be responsible to the society and the environment and this falls directly in line with E360S goal to continue to provide efficient, sustainable and cost effective environmental management services.

The acquisition of Retire Your Tire will provide E360S with a strong customer base and a good starting point to enter into the tire recycling industry.

About Environmental 360 Solutions Ltd.

Founded in October 2018, by industry veteran Danny Ardellini, E360S is dedicated to becoming North America’s leading and most trusted environmental management company. Growing through acquisition and organic initiatives, E360S provides environmental and waste management solutions to municipalities and industrial commercial and institutional customers. E360S is based in Toronto, Canada and operates throughout Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and British Columbia.