Waste Management Sudbury


Sudbury Office Contact: 705-692-1333

Address: 56 Magill Street, Sudbury, ON, P3Y 1K7

As an efficient, cost-effective end-to-end waste management and recycling solution in Sudbury, we bring the utmost attention to detail and experience to every client.

With the highest commitment to eco-friendly protection, we are a full-service waste removal service offering assistance to municipal, commercial, and industrial partners across the region.

Are you looking for a waste management company in Canada to service your job site, business, or home – see our range of industry-leading waste disposal services offered below.


Every home or commercial property has waste management and recycling needs. It’s just a matter of how those are met.

With the E360S dumpster rental service, customize your recycling and waste disposal system. Choose the bin sized to your needs.

Select a front-load dumpster bin complete with a lower-than-average entry point. Create easier conditions for materials to be deposited into your bin. Once your Sudbury dumpster rental is full, give us a call to schedule a trash and recycling pickup.

Should you be working on a larger project, we also offer roll-up dumpsters. These are excellent for construction sites, home renovation projects, and special events. Choose a size between 4 to 40 yards and save yourself the hassle of making other arrangements.

Call us today for a quote for a dumpster bin rental in Sudbury.


Our facilities are capable of handling and processing a wide array of liquid and special waste.

For vacuum trucks, hydrovacs, flushing, blasting units, or tankers, we can help. Emergency spill response services for industrial or transportation accidents is also never more than a phone call away.

Every container is fully sealed, mitigating environmental concerns and ensuring safe transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, such as sewage and sludge, toxic waste, batteries, and lab packing.


We prioritize the health and safety of you and your job site with our industrial-grade waste management and cleaning systems.

These are a few of our most-used industry cleaning systems in Sudbury.

  • High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Sewer Line Flushing
  • Cleanup of Underground Sites
  • Debris Cleaning
  • Truck and Fleet Washing Services
  • Dryvac Services
  • Dry Ice Blasting and Cleaning
  • Concrete Mixer and Drum Cleaning
  • Toxic Dust and Sediment Cleanup
  • Water Delivery

For more information on how to arrange non-hazardous and hazardous waste removal, reach out to an E360S expert today.


Industrial environments require special attention when it comes to keeping them top-to-bottom clean and free from hazards. These are just some of the industrial services in Sudbury we provide.

  • Cleaning of manholes, underground pipes, and lift stations
  • High-powered cleaning of excavators, tractors, and other heavy equipment
  • Cleaning of underground mines and mills
  • Mobile vacuum unit ready to deploy for spills and hazardous liquids in remote areas

E360S also offers industrial mobile rental services, including portable washrooms, wash cars, mobile offices, and fence rentals.


Every city in Canada has its own approach to recycling. What can be recycled in Sudbury can’t necessarily be recycled elsewhere and vice versa.

Trying to arrange a waste management and recycling plan can be challenging for this reason.

E360S knows the ins and outs of commercial and residential recycling services. We offer dumpster rentals and roll-off bins that suit properties of every size. If you are committed to maximizing your recycling numbers, speak with our team.

We’re happy to sit down with you, analyze the potential of your waste, and plan an arrangement of services to ensure your recyclables and organic waste aren’t ending up somewhere they shouldn’t.


Serving your community, E360S waste disposal and recycling services divert the waste we can from our landfills and can increase your recycling numbers by sometimes double-digit percentages.

Like dumpster rentals and roll-up dumpsters, environmental management waste solutions are another specialty. We aid in managing the transportation and transfer of waste, recycling, and disposal – including organics and acceptable recyclables.

For excellence in Sudbury waste management solutions, contact one of our certified team members today. Call 705-692-1333.