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Every property produces waste. Be it residential, commercial, or industrial, it is imperative your waste disposal needs are met.

When partnered with Environmental 360 Solutions Ltd., we handle your waste management with a planet-first, eco-friendly approach. Maximize your recycling rates. Increase your landfill diversion. Do it with a simple setup that meets your daily needs.

Let us handle the collection and transfer of waste to the dump. In doing so, we can remove any recycling and ensure it is being processed correctly. We also work with local organizations to donate what we can, when appropriate.

Adhering to the highest standards in waste disposal, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re connected with professional-grade bins and accommodations that meet your expectations. These are some of our industry-leading waste management services in Cornwall we offer.


Dumpster rental services can help keep your property and job site clean, organized, and safe.

Offering the lowest prices and best service guaranteed, choose from various sized containers accommodating everything from small apartment complexes to large construction projects.

Schedule pickups on your schedule. For smaller projects, front-load dumpsters are a go-to. Featuring a lower entry point, a user has better accessibility and they are easier to load compared to traditional dumpsters.

Large projects benefit from the use of roll-off bin rentals which can be secured in sizes up to 40 yards.

Roll-off bins are best for warehouses, community residential complexes, construction sites, shopping malls and plazas, and similar facilities.

Put in an order for what you need to aid in the disposal of materials and waste from your property.


Waste management that’s honest and community-friendly can’t be so without a strong recycling component.

Environmentally-sustainable practices are what’s at the center of our brand and how we do things.

The benefits of recycling are clear. It reduces landfill use, conserves natural resources, saves money, saves energy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We do it not necessarily because of any individual benefit but because it’s the right thing to do.

As a waste management company in Canada, we help our customers boost their recycling rates by taking over their waste disposal systems and funnelling recyclable materials into the appropriate supply chains.

From our view, we do recycling better than anyone. When collecting and sorting waste for commercial and residential clients, we evaluate what’s in our totes, dumpsters, and roll-off bins. If it can be recycled, we get it done.


E360S is committed to being the best waste management company in Cornwall and beyond.

Serving communities Canada-wide, we offer top-quality performance in waste disposal arrangements.

Tap into a wealth of waste management options, including dumpsters, roll-offs, front-end bins, residential waste collection, permanent and temporary dumpsters, permanent and temporary roll-off bins, and junk removal.

End-to-end waste disposal – including pickup, sorting, and recycling – is readily available. Make your call today and we’re happy to provide a free quote.

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