E360S Teck Support Request

E360S Teck Support Request

If this is an emergency request, please contact Dispatch at 250-946-6676

*Descriptions of our trucks is listed below this form.

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    Descriptions for Truck Types:

    Straight Vacuum Truck: 12000kg debris tank, usually used to suck liquid and move waste on site or take off site

    Straight Vacuum Truck and Trailer: 11000 to 16000kg additional debris tank to Straight Vac (total debris tank is 23000-28000kg)

    Combo Vac Truck: 10000kg debris tank, 4000L fresh water tank with hotsy, usually used for vacuum jobs that need to have hot water washing or jetting completed (wash effluent is sucked up)

    HydroVac: 8000kg debris tank, 4000L fresh water tank, usually used to dig dirt or heavy solids clean up, can also be used for jetting.  Debris tank is not sealed so this unit can only haul a heavy slurry mixture off site (no liquids offsite)

    Steam Truck: 4000L of fresh water with a hotsy, used for washing and jetting, no ability to carry debris

    Potable Water Truck: 10000 to 14000L capacity, potable water used to fill wash cars, can be used for road watering

    Septic Removal Truck: 10000 to 14000L capacity, used to remove septic material from wash cars

    Portable Toilet Service Truck: used to service portable toilets, includes water for washing, septic material removal and restock of supplies